Before and After: 115 Liberty Street

115 Liberty St Newburgh NY

A newly renovated building on Liberty Street is a fine example of the potential of Newburgh’s historic district. Two years ago this building was up for sale. Since then new business, Palate Wine and Spirits, has moved in, raising the bar of the Liberty Street corridor. The fake stone facade and aluminum siding was removed and replaced with historically accurate details and color scheme. Job well done, it looks beautiful!

Imagine if all the buildings on Liberty Street were restored the same way? One building at a time …





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  • Thanks for making a huge improvement. It looks great. We really enjoy having a nice place to pick up a bottle of wine.

  • Wow! What an improvement! I just stumbled across this site, I’m from Michigan; was looking up rehab opportunities and found this amazing place. In this day and age it is nice to see a community of people just as interested in History and preserving the days of old. You guys did a great job..BRAVO!