02/06/18 7:30am

Hudson Taco Newburgh

Newburgh for sure must be the taco capital of the Hudson Valley. A new taco restaurant, Hudson Taco, is coming to the Westshore Train Station, the same building as the Pizza Shop. The left side of the building has been empty for some time now since the Railroad Playhouse vacated the space a few years ago. It’s a very large space so it will be interesting to see how they fill the space. Opening date is yes to be announced and the website is yet to be made. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram if you want updates.

09/26/17 7:30am

Past the Flats on Liberty Street, a new coffee shop called Deja Brew is in the works. They will hold their grand opening this Saturday to showcase the coffee shop and artwork in conjunction with Newburgh Open Studios. The address is 15 Liberty Street, opening at 11 am.

SodaCova Group has restored the storefront from its conversion to an illegal apartment in an effort to bring retail and foot traffic south of Washington’s Headquarters. This section of Liberty Street actually has the most continuous retail and commercial spaces available along the business corridor. Some of the storefronts are apartments, others abandoned or unoccupied. There are also two factory/manufacturing spaces with endless possibilities and the Liberty Street School being developed by RipRapp.

SodaCova is putting their money where their mouth is by rehabilitating 2 Liberty Street, a building that was guaranteed to be torn down had they not come along. They are hoping to have the windows installed before winter, and to debut a new ground floor space next spring.

01/23/17 11:30am


Right along Quality Row at the corner of First Street and Liberty, G&H Deli has opened. They cook soul food every Saturday, Wacky Wings Wednesday and food and sandwiches daily. The husband and wife duo were born and raised in Newburgh and love that life is being brought back to the city. Cream Boutique is just around the corner, and together they are hoping to bring people north of Broadway.

01/16/17 2:02pm

Bibimbap Newburgh NY

Bibimbap at new restaurant Seoul Kitchen on Liberty Street. Make sure you mix it, otherwise the owner will come and mix it for you!

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11/08/16 7:30am


We’ve all seen the work happening at 69 Liberty Street. The first floor of this building had been boarded up for years, just recently revealing it’s past use as a hardware store. Calabash Jamaican Restaurant is almost ready to open their doors at this new location. Previously, they were located at 118 Broadway. They closed their doors and have been working on their Liberty Street space since February this year. Owners, Ruddy and Debbie have built everything in the restaurant. They decided to change locations because of better rent and a better location. They also didn’t want to leave Newburgh. The hope is that they will officially open in November.

Liberty Street is becoming ‘restaurant row’ with French, Korean, Mexican, American and now Jamaican cuisine. Calabash specializes in typical Jamaican and vegan cuisine. A calabash is a gourd, which is used as a bowl to eat food.

They are definitely seeing changes in the city. Debbie says “it’s crazy to see all these new people in Newburgh buying houses.”

Debbie’s daughter is an aspiring opera singer, and they are planning to host Classical Sundays in the restaurants event space in the month of December. It is also available for rent for your own events. Call 845-787-4462  for more details.




69 Liberty Street Before:

10/31/16 12:33pm


Sometimes when one business closes, it opens the way for a new one to come in. So is the case at 71 Liberty Street. Seoul Kitchen has closed their doors in Beacon, and has now made their way to Newburgh. Korean cuisine is hard to come by in the Hudson Valley, so it is particularly special that owner, Hee Won Marshall would choose to relocate her restaurant in Newburgh. She is a joyful woman, full of smiles and laughter as I caught a few seconds of her time as she was moving in. Hee Won is making friends quickly, already becoming friendly with the owners of the new Calabash restaurant next door. They have all started to bond and depend on each other. The restaurant should open hopefully in November. It will be open for lunch and dinner. You can read all about her story in this Hudson Valley Magazine article.

If this excites you, make sure to visit Seoul Kitchen when it opens, 71 Liberty Street, Newburgh.