Hudson Taco Installs Outdoor Patio

We’ve been waiting for months and the end is almost near. Hudson Taco is set to open this coming January. The date was apparently set back by the installation of an outdoor patio of the West Shore Train Station. They have already created a separate entrance for the restaurant and are keen on Newburgh pride. Extra parking spots will be added as well a new crosswalk that the owners hope will bridge the gap between the waterfront and the Liberty Street restaurants.

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  • So the ‘xtra parking and ‘xwalk will be built on and off the vacant land across Marine drive, or is a larger project in the works? I get the notion, but that’s a large ‘gap” to bridge’. Thanks in advance.

  • A crosswalk with a walk/don’t walk and traffic light needs to go somewhere in those corners. It is extremely dangerous to try to cross that two lane highway in the dark, you need to have a car to get across to that restaurant or when coming home from the ferry.

    • The idea has been mulled over previously but never gained traction, the rational being that the traffic coming down Washington, S William & Renwick streets need full passage should the road surface become hazardous in winter inhibiting a full stop. As well, the recreational boat haulers have full passage in the warmer weather due to the railroad tracks. But yes, a crosswalk extending from the stair (perhaps a more user friendly stair as well) off of Colden/Bdwy. may be an alternative. $$$…’pay for parking’ to offset the costs?

      • I don’t know where the $$ will come from but sooner or later flashing our iphone lights in the dark to get oncoming traffic to stop or alert oncoming traffic won’t work, with very tragic results.

        • Great visual. Perhaps the ‘City can sell reflector caps with a MNGA logo. All seriousness aside, increasing pedestrian traffic wasn’t a consideration when Water Street was being torn up? Seems like a missed opportunity. What about the master plan, is there nothing in there that addresses pedestrian safety relative to growth? Ironically, the restaurateurs were against ‘pay-for’ parking when it was proposed a few years ago. So the peeps who are willing to drop a C note for dinner are going to boycott Newburgh’s river views over a couple bucks to park? But isn’t that the way the ‘City rolls, always reacting. Kind of like the budget, it was passed with a deficit and now, after the fact, they’re looking for a scapegoat. Woops, “clean-up on aisle eight”.