Newburgh Beacon Bay: a 400 Year Heritage


(pictures taken from City of Newburgh)

In 2009 Newburgh will be celebrating 400 years since Henry Hudson’s discovery in 1609. Can you believe that? 400 years!? There are many events planned, and there is a documentary being filmed by community organizations and Mount Saint Mary College. It will be 60 minutes long, and will tell the story of the local heritage.

“Imagine a depiction of Susan B. Anthony thanking her followers at the Palatine Hotel as she turned the gavel of the women’s suffrage movement over to the next generation. Imagine Thomas Edison directing his engineers as they built the early electric generating station he designed on Montgomery Street…” (Mary McTamaney)

This and more will be discussed in the 10 episode documentary. For more information on this film click here.

The celebration also takes a look back at every 100 years since Hudson’s discovery as to what was going on during that time. In 1909 there was a huge 300 year celebration complete with lovely postcards, programs, and written accounts.

(pictures taken from City of Newburgh) 

This program only cost .25 cents! For complete information on the Newburgh Beacon Bay Celebration click here.