Shop Local Newburgh: Fun Finds

Pictures taken from and available at Bridges Over Time Antiques

Newburgh has many great shops locally to choose from…especially for an interior home design aficionado like so many bloggers are today. Bridges Over Time Antiques Art and Design specializes in antique, vintage, and contemporary furniture. But in taking a look above is it obvious that the selection includes the chic, the funky, the modern, and the fun.

Nowadays people prowl the internet looking for the most unique pieces of home decor. But why not look local? Especially with this economy-support your local shops in your community that are the foundation blocks to an aesthetically pleasing neighborhood. When I came across Bridges Over Time website I saw a few pieces that I thought were worth special attention.

These 1950’s vintage Swedish nesting tables have intricate inlay work with exotic wood. Instantly when I saw them I began to imagine them in spaces designed by Swedish Design Blog, Red House. And yeah, they are vintage-so they have the usually character lines.

And this 1960’s plied bent wood stool and magazine rack is totally something I could see in the corner of a modern design blog, or in the shop of

So you see? Stop drooling at all the cool finds you see in other design blogs. Sometimes the most coveted things are right under your nose.

Bridges Over Time
97 Liberty Street
Newburgh, NY 12550