Mansion Living

(Pictures taken from Miguel Marquez) 

You can get close to living in a mansion by renting out an apartment in this historic restored mansion. This house (white one) is right in front of Washington’s Headquarters, and to the left you can see the corner of Moo & Oink-a brand new market selling local foods.

I had the privilege of being given a tour of all the apartments by the very friendly realtor/restorer, Miguel Marquez. He is restoring the house himself and it is evident he takes great pride in his efforts. The work done to restore the house is impeccable, and when you walk in it just smells new-even though the house may be over 150 years old. New appliances, bathroom, kitchen cabinetry, and carpeting all make these apartments worth a look. Being inside the apartment your mind transcends itself to what the area might have looked like watching Washington walking across the lawn and ladies in elegant noble gowns on the sidewalk.

Miguel even told us that the yellowish looking house to the left and the white one were once ONE entire home! That is truly ginormous when you take into account that each home has 4 large floors. I bet there is great history behind the past owners of the homes. He is doing much to restore the home, and Miguel is deeply involved in the revitalization of Newburgh.

The three apartments rent for the following: $875, $975, and $725. Really you feel like you are in the Upper West Side of Manhattan at Central Park West when you see the grandeur of this home. This is also a great option for those of you who want to wet your feet and get a feel for what Newburgh is like before buying the restoration project of your dreams. There are a lot more pictures listed on Miguel’s website.

Miguel Marquez
Grand Newburgh

409 Grand St 1st Floor
Newbugh NY 12550
Cell: (845) 220-7091
Fax: (845) 839-2800

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