Ebony Hillbillies

So like many people who commute in NYC, I daily pass through 42nd Street train stations (Grand Central & Times Square). There are professional musicians who play in the subway everyday. One of my favorites is a string band called the Ebony Hillbillies. I am not much of a fan of blue grass/string (or whatever the proper word is) music. BUT, I love these guys, and they always pick me up in the morning! I wish I had some event to ask them to perform at. In the meanwhile, I just enjoy their music. They are part of the Arts for Transit program by the MTA.

They usually perform in the later part of the week on 42nd Street. There are plenty of band reviews as well! Here is their official website: www.ebonyhillbillies.com where they even have some MP3’s for downloading and CD’s for purchase. Also, here is a video of them on Youtube.