I Heart Newburgh

I was day dreaming up an imaginary shop in downtown Newburgh and was thinking of some items that could go in this trendy boutique. And then I thought of “I Heart Newburgh” gear. What better way to represent your neck of the woods? And for those who say, “Go Heart Your Own City” Newburgh is IN NY, so I think Newburgh is part of the original campaign design by Milton Glaser. This could be a great way of getting Newburgh recognized. Maybe one day someone can start a blog: ILoveNewburgh.com or IHeartNewburgh.com hmmm?

I especially love the organic cotton totes and shirts that are available at thereisloveinthislandyet.com. Each piece is hand crafted, so it takes about 5 weeks to get your order. The creators Dane & Dahl have the cutest love story and the cutest pictures to go with it. And best of all…they are made in NYC so you are supporting your fellow NYers.

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