All American City-Newburgh

(copyright Tony Napoli)

How cool is this picture that Tony Napoli has on his website?! He has a couple of other great Newburgh photos on there as well from back in the “good old days.”

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  • Hi!

    I have nothing but the fondness of memories spending part of my childhood there. My big sigh of relief is in knowing that the Broadway School has served a purpose even now as a court house and is still standing. My memories go back to the early 60's and the simple life and for me it was truly idyllic. It was similar I guess to how the Cleaver's must have lived in Leave it to Beaver. Truly loved it. It would be nice to have a documentary through photos online about Newburgh. My wish is for it to make a turnaround and become once again – or close as possible, the kind of place I remember. I had visited a while back and it did sadden me to see it in its present condition. Truly appreciate all efforts in its restoration. To be honest, being the age I was when residing there it seemed like the end of the world to me and I couldn't appreciate the historical aspect of the town, especially since I love history. Well, that's all and best of luck.