The 3/50 Project and Newburgh

So I just came across this organization/project and absolutely LOVE it! It is called The 3/50 Project. The idea of this project is to save local businesses that we all love and depend in our neighborhoods. Pick 3 local businesses that you don’t want to see disappear, and spend $50 a month between the 3 stores. Get to know the owners. It is about channeling revenue into local businesses and boosting your local economy. They mention that for every $100 spent locally, $68 returns back to the community through taxes, payroll, and other ways a.k.a. jobs in your own community. This is not referring to chains or franchises, but the local mom and pop shops that give character to the communities we all love and we don’t want to see disappear.

First thing first, how can the local shops in Newburgh take advantage of this project? The first thing they can do is sign up. Choose the business description that matches yours and sign up. You will be kept up to date on everything that is going on with The 3/50 Project. Then you can take it a step further and list their free banner on your website, and they will list your business as a supporter on their website. So far only Eric Jarmann & Co is a listed supporter in Newburgh so, he is on the cool list. There are so many more businesses that should look in to this idea especially the ones with websites. It hurts none to add their banner to your website. And Newburgh could easily have 20 supporters under it’s name. Let’s see who else we can add to the list!

Next up, how can businesses let the public or their customers in on this idea so that it’s not just an idea but an actual plan that creates RESULTS? The 3/50 Project has a lot of great free advertising available on their website. “Like what?” you might say.

  • Hand out the free flyers to your customers. Don’t just stick it in a bag, but hand it to them and thank them for coming to a locally owned business.
  • Use the banners that they offer for your website so visitors know you are a part of the project
  • Free window clings (I guess with suction cups to hang in your window) are available for registered participants. What are you waiting for? Hurry up and register! Click here to order.
  • Download and print the countertop sign and place it in your store
  • Download and print the window banner
  • Buy some of the bumper stickers or magnets that go in to supporting the website since they don’t charge for use of any of their advertising
  • Add them to your LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook

Now some of you may think that all this publicity is unnecessary. That maybe it would feel like a bombardment to put up so much signage in your store with flyers, banners, and signs. But the truth is to many “regular people” the advantages of buying locally still hasn’t lit the little light bulb above their heads yet. Everyone is ecstatic when a new business opens up in the downtown area and everyone comes out for the ribbon cutting. But if the neighborhood doesn’t continue to make frequent visits the shops won’t be able to keep their doors open and they’ll soon shut down as has been seen, and might be seen again in the very near future.

This seems to be an excellent idea that all local businesses should take an interest into participating. It’s free, all you need is a computer to register, a printer to print the signs, and a mouth to let everyone you know in on this wonderful idea to save the bricks and mortar of Newburgh.

Later I’ll blog about different ways to spend your $50 a month in Newburgh.

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  • I've heard of this project before and think it's a great idea. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting!!