Liberty School-Fixing up the façade

A while ago I blogged about what was happening with the Liberty Street School. Well, since then some bricks have been going up . The above image might not look like much of an improvement, but look below and you’ll see that it’s a huge step forward. Switch your eye between the two pictures and you’ll see not only has the brickwork been restored, but also the huge slabs of stone that run above and below the windows (even though some is still missing). Hopefully the developers can speedy it up with the rest of the work. Nearby store owner, Nancy, said that within a few days they were able to fix the bricks very quickly and professionally. We can only imagine the improvement if they continue their work. There’s a little hope left that something good will come out of this building yet-regardless of it’s intended purpose. There is also work being done on the train station as well… entry to follow. For more positive Newburgh news check out this link.

One Comment

  • exciting to see progress on that gorgeous old Liberty School! Very uplifting and encouraging!
    Let's hope all goes well and it's restored to it's original beauty. Thx for the info!!