Newburgh’s Urban Farm

Urban Farming-the practice of growing and cultivating food in an urban/city like atmosphere. These exist is some of the biggest and smallest cities around. Brooklyn boasts many Urban Farms such as Roof Top Farms, which is an urban farm on the roof top in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Where am I going with all of this? Well, right in the City of Newburgh is Ashé Urban Farm. It is the only youth run farm in Orange County. It is located in The People’s Garden at Gidney Avenue between Dubois St and N. Miller. 

They plan to grow 200lbs of food to donate to families in the community and will reinvest any money gained back into the farm. The median age group of the students is 16 years of age, with 18 students total. One of their goals is to prove wrong the negative stereotype that is placed on Newburgh and show that it is a better place.

I am not sure if this extends into the 2010 school year, as this began at the end of the 2009 school year. But their website continues to be updated with great pictures.



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