Newburgh Ferry, 1960’s

Ferryboat Orange in Hudson River, Approaching Newburgh,
New York (1963) David Plowden

Just wanted to share a neat photo I found while digging for the Newburgh Ferry. The Newburgh-Beacon Bridge opened on November, 2 1963, the same year this photograph was taken. This lead to the death of the Newbrugh-Beacon ferry. The very next day ferry service stopped. A newer boat would latter resurrect ferry service in October 2005. I found out some information on this boat, The Orange, according to Wikipedia: 

“The Dutchess and Beacon (ferries), both in very decrepit condition, were sold as scrap. The Orange, in slightly better shape, was purchased and refurbished by Myles Rosenthal with the intent of turning it into a floating restaurant. It also was to carry visitors from Manhattan to the 1964 New York World’s Fair. After only a few charter trips the boat fell victim to vandals which led to it joining its sister vessels in oblivion later that year.”

Change happens so quickly sometimes. To see a great amount of information on ferries that went from Newburgh and Beacon and beyond click on this link. There are some great photos! Some of the interiors of the ferries as well.