Are you secretly crushing on Newburgh?

So, not that I’m curious, well maybe sort of. I’ve noticed the visitors here at Newburgh Restoration. And, I’ve noticed that many cool people (like yourself) are checking out Newburgh, especially people who live far away in places like Washington, D.C., California, and Ontario, Canada! Even people in the outer boroughs of NYC like Brooklyn, and Manhattan are checking out Newburgh. You are looking at houses for sale, looking up loan information, and finding out about the revitalization going on. So this blog posting is dedicated to all of you out there that are secretly crushing on Newburgh.

Now, I know that some of you might have received a variety of reactions if you have confessed your secret crush on Newburgh, due to it’s past. But, you can’t listen to everyone else’s opinion. If you are excited about Newburgh, go with your gut! Newburgh is a depressed city with a lot of urban blight, so #1 be realistic with what you are expecting. You won’t find the Newburgh of the old glory days because a lot has changed. Nor will the neighborhood instantly change because you have bought a house here. But, what you will find is awesome architecture, priceless character, and a city that is so amazingly set up, you could not plan a better city even if you were to build a new one from scratch. You’ll also find people that are head over in heals in love with their city and are really doing the dirty work of trying to make a change.

If you are interested in Newburgh, # 2 take a drive/train ride and VISIT! You can read every blog, newspaper article, go on the internet and look at all of the pictures in the world of Newburgh, listen to all the rumors and opinions, and you still wouldn’t be able to grasp it all. Newburghers are more than delighted when they meet new people visiting from out of town who are interested in this city. They know about houses for sale before anyone else does, and they know about programs and organizations that you can’t find online. They know what is going on in their city. This blog is intended to highlight the good things going on in Newburgh, but even I can’t write everything on here. There are many plans going on behind the scenes. But, it’s no ancient Chinese secret. Make a visit and hear the great developments that are going on from Newburghers themselves.

Lastly, # 3 don’t expect to see change over night. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and it took a while before Park Slope became posh. Any kind of change takes time, but many believe Newburgh is in a spot that the change will only continue to be positive. And, the change will only continue to be positive if preservation minded people like you continue to have an interest in Newburgh. More and more people are being awaken for the need for Newburgh to be preserved. No one wants to see another building tore down from neglect. The city has already lost enough of those as it is. But little by little Newburgh has been changing and will continue to change. In the past decade Newburgh has seen a significant change at the waterfront with the addition of restaurants, night life, and even a film center. Hope is in the air that the development will continue to make it’s way up Broadway. The completion of the college campus- SUNY Orange in Newburgh is a crucial step, as is the restoration of the West Shore Train Station.

So what are you waiting for? Make a trip with your BFF next Saturday and to go to Newburgh. It’s only an hour (give or take some traffic) from midtown Manhattan driving, or just a train & ferry ride away on Metro North. Grab a bite at one of the many eateries in the area. Then head over to Simple Gifts and Goodies for more than delicious home made ice cream and iceys (my friend is still craving his mango icey). Pop in to the rest of the stores and talk to the owners who are in Newburgh for the long haul. Walk down to the riverfront where you will fall in love with the views of the Hudson River and Mount Beacon. Take a drive around and marvel at the architectural diamonds in the rough, yet at the same time cry when you see the ones that are condemned. Surely before you leave, you will have seen a couple of places that you will be itching to do research on. Take a look! And, don’t worry, your secret crush is still a secret with me!

The next Newburgh Crush posting, will feature someone, who after crushing on Newburgh for 21 months finally bought their first home! Stay tuned.

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  • You guys are in my reader, not because we're looking to move, but because I see so many similarities between Newburgh & Newark {where we live}. It's encouraging to watch another city on the upswing.

  • Hey Carrie. I love Brick City Love! I like what you guys are doing there too! Hopefully soon I'll be able to start a more personal focused home blog like your own. Cheers!

  • I visited Beacon on Monday (currently live in Queens) and hope to come up within the next month to check out Newburgh too! Your blog is fantastic. I love what is happening up there. So much character and beauty along the Hudson!

  • Hi Anonymous! Please stop by!

  • This is such a great blog about Newburgh! I've been advocating Newburgh for a while now on my blog and twitter, and am glad to see someone doing a much better job than myself (haha)! I'm so excited for what is happening here.

  • Greetings from Silver Spring, MD. My father was born and raised on Grand Street. My mom, Cornwall. I hope that one day, Newburgh is as grand as it once was. Thank you for the positive news.