Real Estate: 47 Overlook Place

River Realty: $59,000

A newer listing in Newburgh from what I have seen. For $59,000 this sounds pretty great. But of course there is probably a serious need for some repairs. There are 5 bedrooms, and it has the rest of all the amenities. I would really love to see some interior photos. Thanks Kelly from River Realty. She sent me a link for interior photos of the home. This place is huge when you look at it from the side! * On a side note, you might want to drive by the property. It doesn’t quite look the same. 

Oh, and I love how Google Maps has improved their satellite views of their maps. They have even included terrain views. You get a really up close look at properties you might be interested in. Happy hunting you Newburgh admirers! Check out the following link to  see more examples of Newburgh Real Estate.

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