Latin “Son” Presentation by Quimbobó

© Quimbobó 

When: March 16, 2010
Where: Whittaker Hall, Mount St. Mary College, map
Time: 4:00 pm
: A lecture/demonstration and live performance by Quimbombó
For those of you who love Latin cultural events, this will be a nice treat. 

Quimbombó is a groove-oriented band with a musical base in the Cuban son (the contagious dance music championed by Buena Vista Social Club that is the main ingredient in salsa); Quimbombó (pronounced keem-bohm-BO) is the title of a classic Cuban son from the 1950’s. The group has performed at many venues including Lincoln Center’s Midsummer Night’s Swing, SOB’s, and The River to River Festival. They have recorded two CDs, Quimbombo, released in 2004, and Conga Electrica, released in 2008. Refreshments will be served.
I have been to all of those venues, and am sure this will be a very fun event since who can listen to this music and not dance? Son is very similar to Salsa. To see what you can expect, check out a little clip of the band: