Starting a Business in Newburgh Part I

Some of you crushing on Newburgh are thinking that Newburgh may be the spot for your new business. I have gotten emails from people thinking about opening up caffés and gourmet mini markets. Everyone has a dream. Newburgh could easily be the perfect back drop for a range of business placed correctly. Broadway is one of the widest Main Streets in New York State, if not the country. So you might ask yourself, “where do I start off?” Or maybe you wish you could get the perspective from an insider. Well, problem solved! First we will start off with a few wise words from a local businessman. See below for more…

Newburgh Restoration had the pleasure of speaking to Michael Gabor, co-owner with Gerardo Castro of the Newburgh Art Supply Store on Liberty Street in front of Washington’s Head Quarters. Their shop will celebrate their second anniversary this summer and, because of the growth of their business they will be expanding in the near future to another location in the city! When asked for some words of wisdom on opening a new business in Newburgh, Michael had plenty to offer. Get your note pads ready!

Make sure there’s a need, know who your customers will be and prepare, prepare, prepare. Everything else is just fluff. I think it’s probably gotten much easier to open a business today than ten years ago. There is limitless information on the internet about just about everything. Anything you can’t find on the internet you can find out from people in similar businesses. I’ve seen so many people over the years communicate that they’d like to go into business doing something that they like, as if the desire is enough to sustain a business. You have to be dedicated. You also have to realize that making money in the first year, no matter what your projections, is the exception. You have to be able to carry the first year.

I think Newburgh is an ideal place to start a business now because it’s a great location. As we’re finding with our business because, we offer a quality of product that’s not offered for many miles around us, people will come to Newburgh in spite of its reputation. I’ll get a call once in awhile asking if it’s safe, can I bring my children, etc. To our advantage, most of our customers who haven’t been to Newburgh in years, are pleasantly surprised.

It’s also a great place to start a business because the rent is reasonable. That cuts the risk […] our location is fantastic and our new place is a great next move […]

The third great reason is because of the attention we get because of where we are. I think many people wonder how a successful business could survive in a place that gets all this bad press. It makes for a great story of curiosity and that charm hasn’t seemed to wear off. As a matter of fact we’re banking on our expansion and move to really encourage others to take the plunge- and to get even more attention. With the college, new ownership of the waterfront, the residential development of the Regal Bag building, the train station and Broadway Park, there are a lot of encouraging things going on […] depending on what you offer, it could turn out to make starting a business here the most lucrative move you could make.”

Michael and Gerardo’s shop is also on Twitter. They offer weekly special items cheaper than you can get anywhere, even the internet but good quality, name brand items, while supplies last. They really seem to have found a niche! Hopefully Michael’s words will encourage some of you to act on some of those dreams you have for your business.

Next up, we’ll be looking at spaces for rent, and internet resources for starting a business.

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