Before and After: 56 Courtney

Habitat for Humanity 

This was some project by Habitat for Humanity. The original house had been abandoned for about a decade. I love the little original lookout tower on top, but alas the structure had to be demolished completely. What stands in it’s place now is a home that mimics Newburgh historic architecture, and it looks clean, inviting, and changes the lives of everyone who lives on the block. Best of all, the house has already been dedicated to a family.

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  • rebuilding Newburgh,piece by piece. Best thing,it's changing the city back towards ownership from slum rentals.Every spot becomes a stakeholder

  • I drive a school bus in Newburgh,I had 2 little girls on my bus,they were telling me where they lived,and it warmed my heart…they said to me"we live in a brand new house from habitat,we are decorating it for our Grandpa's birthday and putting up the pool we got from walmart,we love our new house"….well,that made my day!! thumbs up to habitat for giving families hope and a new beginning….the smiles on their little faces were priceless…