Newburgh Heights Association gets Answers

The Newburgh Heights Association is closely following the developments of the Liberty Street School and the controversy that surrounds it. I know a lot of you are interested in the progress. They have asked some key questions for which they have been able to receive answers. These are some of the questions:

Q: Has Bluestone Developers, Inc. (Bluestone) met the requirements in section 7 of the LPA and established that it has secured 70% of the total estimated costs of the rehabilitation of the Premises and construction of the project? If so, what is this amount and what is the source of Bluestone’s funding? If not, is the City waiving this requirement for Closing and is this waiver in writing?

Q: What is the impact of the release of asbestos at the school on: (i) the timeline for completion of the project; (ii) the cost of the project; and (iii) Bluestone’s ability to successfully and adequately abate the asbestos?

If you want the rest of the scoop with the full questions and answers they received, click on their website link. Good job guys.