Out With the Old and In With the New

Bye bye NewburghRestoration.blogspot.com and hello NewburghRestoration.com! I am still working out a few kinks, but I am ready to start off my new blog! Blogger is great. It’s extremely easy to use if you want to start your own blog and best of all it’s free. However, it became limiting after a while and it was difficult for me to organize all of the information I was accumulating. I am still organizing as we speak, but so far I love the new options that WordPress provides me. I apologize to those of you who were emailing and I never got back to you. This move was a lot of work and took up a lot of my attention. But I’m back now!

Anyhow, please change your feeds, Google readers, etc. I will change the feed on Facebook and Feedburner, so those of you following via Facebook and email should not notice the change. But if you are linking me to your website please take note of the change. Until I can figure out how to forward the blogspot address to the dot.com address, blogger will still be accessible.

Some things to mention and remember: you can sign up for email notices for blog updates. Newburgh Restoration is on Facebook and Twitter. On Facebook we have a profile page and a fan page. Please be sure to suggest us to everyone you know who cares about Newburgh, or you think might be interested in restoring a home only 60 miles North of NYC. You can also follow the blog on Facebook, getting updates directly into your feed (home page).

We are also accepting advertising. Our advertising is ideal for businesses or services that would benefit from readers focused on the Newburgh, Beacon, Hudson Valley, Orange County, NYC area. The new blog layout makes it easier to see advertisement and it makes it easy for me to insert them as well.

Readership and hits have increased steadily since the blog began in late 2008. I am extremely excited to see where things will take off from here. Many thanks to all of you who email me tips and ideas and events going on. Don’t forget you can always email me at NewburghRestoration{at}gmail{dot}com. See you around!

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  • Hey, I love the new site! It looks great. Thanks for keeping up with all the news and developments.

  • please tgell me how to get posts from you on facebook. I was born (1941) and raised in Newburgh and have so many good memories. I am so hoping that things can turn around for this once beautiful city on the Hudson. Right now I have a problem saying where in New York I was born and raised and just say in the mid-hudson valley and hope people don’t try and pin me down to exactly where in the valley. Please keep updating what is happening.

    Joan (Durick) Neibert

  • Thanks Joan! I sent you the links to follow the blog.