High School Students Help With Preservation

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Over the weekend two articles came out about the preservation work Newburgh High School students are doing at the Dutch Reformed Church. Back in March NR mentioned the status of the work going on and ways that the general public can help donate to the cause. Well, for the second summer in a row students are working on the DRC as part of  a joint effort of the city, the Newburgh School District, the National Park Service, Habitat for Humanity of Greater Newburgh, the Newburgh Preservation Association and the World Monuments Fund.

The restoration committee is trying to restore the DRC so that it may be used as a cultural or arts venue in the future that will ensure the adaptive reuse of the building. According to Stuart Sach’s comment to the THR it will take about $1.2 million to open the DRC for these events. Sach’s also told the Mid Hudson News that students “learned how to appreciate their own city. The kids growing up in the city look around the city and they see crumbling structures and they think they are a waste of time, they think they are garbage, they throw rocks at them, they vandalize the structures,” said Sachs. “So this gives them a certain amount of pride in their own city, in their own work, pride in rebuilding, not in destroying.”