Plans in Place for Armory

©STEVE BORLAND/Times Herald-Record

In case you missed it, yesterdays newspapers announced plans for the Newburgh Armory on South William Street that the City of Newburgh purchased for $1. The Kaplan Family Foundation will put up $100,000 to restore the gym and Habitat for Humanity will oversee the project and match the grant with labor. At least we know that Habitat for Humanity has an excellent track record of completing their projects, with over 40 homes restored in Newburgh and counting. Also helping with the project are Mount Saint Mary College, Orange County Community College, the Newburgh Enlarged City School District, and Orange County.

The goal of the space is to get Newburgh’s youth off of the streets. Apparently a basketball court could be ready as early as the fall. The rest of the space will have to generate money somehow, and how that will be accomplished has yet to be determined. There are a lot of different opinions on this project but the participation of well known organizations makes it seem hopeful. Let’s see what happens come the Fall.

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  • That is terrific!

  • A very good thing.

  • I want in!!!…Would love to work there!!

  • That’s my Habitat for Humanity!!!! Habitat of Greater Newburgh rocks!!!!!

  • I hope they do not leave out the young ladies in our community who need guidance and sports that are derived for them….basketball is all good but not for everyone….I absolutely love the sport but we need more diverse sports like gymnastics, weight training, cardio training for our youth to get in shape and it will also help with their self esteem….we need sports and programs that are NOT offered in Newburgh yet but are in the Olympics and Universities alike to get these children noticed for Scholarships….also study programs to help these athletes and the like!!….I hope this is it and would love to be a part of it….God willing!!

  • Lill there should be opportunities to voice opinions about what should happen at the armory. If I come across them I will be sure to post about it.

  • Would love to see a skatepark incorporated into this great spot somehow. I see many nice young kids roaming the city with their boards, looking for “skate spots”, and in the process, unwittingly setting themselves up for some potential ‘trouble’.

    An organized meeting spot for like minded skaters would be wonderful for our youth~ skateboarders tend to get a bad rap in the public eye, but are really quite talented and energetic athletes!

    Go skaters!!! 🙂