Youth Advisory Board of Newburgh

There is a new youth group in Newburgh trying to make a change called the Youth Advisory Board of Newburgh. The group is designed to give young people more power in decision making with the City government and the schools. The YABN has just begun but they already have 20 members in their facebook group, and over 40 facebook friends.  Their mission is to transform the community through youth inclusion. They envision a future in which people of all cultural, racial, and economic backgrounds grow up with the opportunity to become agents of change in their community.

They have already begun meeting up to brainstorm ideas for the Newburgh Armory. Right now they are focused on recruiting more members and spreading the news about their group. They will work directly with the Board of Education and City Council, attending meetings and present their ideas. The group feels that members will get the chance to learn about the way decisions are made in government, what leadership is made of, and how to initiate real change.

To be a part of the YABN one must be a resident of the City of Newburgh and be between the ages of 12 and 21. You can contact them by email:, or by calling the director Oliver Spearman at (845)565-1213 ext. 7012. If you would like to help the YABN and do not fufill the requirements contact them anyway as they have many areas where they need help.

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