Façade Grant

FREE MONEY. Did I get your attention? Ok now keep reading!

This was mentioned before, but I never made an official posting about this. Many current residents in Newburgh love their city, love their homes, and appreciate architecture. With the majority of homes pushing 70-100 years in age, it takes a lot of maintenance to keep homes looking as beautiful as they were in 1880. With that said, people usually focus on the interior of the homes when renovating. You think those bricks still can wait a while. But, in order to keep up the curb appeal of the entire neighborhood, it would be wise to pay attention to the exterior of your home. What if you can’t afford it?

If you meet certain income requirements, the Department of Planning and Development of Newburgh is offering a façade grant. This grant can be used for signage of a business (up to $500 in grant money), or to improve the outside appearance of your home. You can be a homeowner, or a tenant to apply for this grant. Successful applicants may receive up to $25,000 for façade upgrades. I called the Department of Planning and development to see when the deadline is to apply. Apparently there is none however, the lady who gave me this information didn’t seem so sure. Another source tells me this program might only be around till the money runs out. The same source mentioned that if there is a good response for this program, then this is something that might be offered again. Hello people, FREE MONEY TO FIX THE EXTERIOR OF YOUR HOUSE! You would think people would be flocking to see if they qualify.  If you don’t meet the income requirements tell your friends and your neighbors! The owner of 12 Liberty Street used this grant for her property.

While we are talking about the grant, it is worth it to mention that you must use a city approved contractor (or atleast I’m pretty sure of this.) Sometimes this can be harder than actually getting the grant! While I can not vouch for any contractor, feel free to comment below and share contractor information. Genie Abrams went through a lot of trouble to publish a list of 106 electricians who are licensed in the City of Newburgh! Check it out and pass along the information! Here is the link again for the façade grant.