The Guest Experience at WHQ

(Cornelia Tappan Clinton)

This Saturday you will be able to experience what it was like to be a guest at General and Mrs. Washington’s headquarters. Cornelia Tappan Clinton who was the wife of New York’s first governor, George Clinton, will guide you through the Hasbrouck house rented by her dear friends, the Washingtons.

Mrs. Clinton will not only touch upon her friendship with Martha Washington, but also fill you in on her own life. This was a lady who witnessed the burning of Kingston, the smallpox epidemic that followed and the migration of survivors to safer grounds. In her Dutch-tinted accent, Mrs. Clinton will explain how her family survived. It is as Martha’s friend, that she is visiting the home the Washingtons will be renting from Mrs. Hasbrouck, in Newburgh. Join Mrs. Clinton as she walks through the rooms, speculating on what use the Washingtons will make of this house on the Hudson River.

These special tours by reservation only are scheduled at 1:00 PM and 3:00 PM. Admission for this Special Event is $4.00 per person. Call by September 11th for reservations. Contact 845-562-1195 6 to reserve a place on one of the tours.

PS-Don’t forget about the Liberty Street businesses who appreciate your support.

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