Exhibit Opening: MEMENTO MORI

“Still Life with Vessels” by Christopher Peters

This Saturday at 6pm will be the opening of a new exhibit at the Ann Street Gallery called, “Momento Mori: Contemporary Vanitas.” Vanitas means “vanities of life,” and usually feature an elaborate arrangement of objects rich in commonly understood symbolism. This intriguing style of still life often contains pictorial messages with moral undertones, to remind the viewer of the transience of life, the futility of pursuing earthly pleasures, the certainty of death.

The six artists in the Memento Mori exhibit express such themes through varied and diverse works. Each artist uses their own unique and contemporary visual language to speak directly to the viewer of the inherently transitory nature of life, and ones own mortality.

Tara Giannini
Kira Greene
Kirstin Lamb
Monika Malewska
Christopher Peters
Justine Reyes

The above painting struck me the most. The exhibit runs through Saturday, October 30. For more information, contact Virginia Walsh at (845) 562-6940 ext. 119 or vwalsh@safe-harbors.org