Heard Around Town: Graffiti Remover


Living in a transitioning urban city, graffiti is unfortunately part of the landscape. Even more unfortunate is if your property, neighborhood, or block are targeted. On the bright side I got this tip from a Newburgher about this graffiti removal spray.

“Since school started back, we have had a few graffiti “artists” leave their signature on a few Stop and parking signs. I’ve tried the Mötsenbockers and it worked great.  Spray on and wipe off!!!  The stray paint came off, and so did the paint pen.  The older spray paint stuff came off too but I did have to spray and repeat.  The red of the stop sign will come up too, so you don’t scrub too hard, just wipe.”

Don’t forget when using these applications or any other application to follow manufactures instructions, wear safety gear, and be sure to test on a small patch before first! Good to know! If you have any tips for things going on around Newburgh- no matter how big or small email me! NewburghRestoration(at)gmail(dot)com

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  • If you or anyone you know is interested, I work for Sherwin-Williams, and we have one of the best rated anti-graffiti coatings on the market. It is non-sacrificial, which means that when one removes the graffiti, the coating stays on. Well priced and well worth every penny! My paint store is at 1404 Route 300, Newburgh across from the Newburgh Mall. Thanks!

  • I purchased a $50. spray bottle of super cleaner for my real estate signs,I think its orange peel based, and it really worked.