Before and After: C. M. Leonard Company Firehouse

This “before and after” is of the Leonard Steamer Company firehouse which was built in 1878. It was located on Water Street, a large section of Newburgh on the waterfront that was demolished during “urban renewal.” By the drawing you can tell this building was part of the pride of the community. It was named after Chancey M. Leonard, who was a businessman and fireman who had “won the unqualified esteem and warm friendship of his fellow-townsmen to so great a degree.”

Like most of these “before and after” posts that show the effects of urban renewal, you get to see the architectural loss that Newburgh suffered as a result. I love skimming back and forth through the pictures to see the different changes. I also am crazy about the little fireman cherubs on the chandelier medallion! Can you see in the 4th photo that the chandelier chain drops down from a mini fire hydrant? What firehouse is built today with such detail?

Photos are from: ©Library of Congress, 1970 © Newburgh her Institutions, Industries and Leading Citizens

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