Historical Thriller Features Newburgh Conspiracy

The Shadow War is a new historical thriller that is officially available starting today. The Newburgh Conspiracy is even involved in the plot, which is why Senior Editor, Rob Kirkpatrick was particularly excited  to mention this book to me as he himself is from the Newburgh area. Here’s a little preview of the books storyline:

“In the tradition of The Da Vinci Code, a brilliant new talent delivers a sweeping thriller that turns the entire history of America upside down.

Colonial historian Benjamin Wainwright is summoned to a secretive think tank in western Massachusetts by an old school friend who researches war-game theory. Upon his arrival, Wainwright discovers that his friend is dead and suspected of having leaked information. When the security analyst hired to investigate the case is targeted for assassination, Benjamin wonders: Was his friend’s death an accident—or murder?…

With a gripping pace and enigmatic plot that drives the reader from one page to the next, The Shadow War is a highly intelligent thriller that asks: Who really runs the country, who controls our enemies, and to what lengths will they go to conceal their hidden agendas?”

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