Pop-Up Gallery a Success

©Pop-Up Gallery

A few days ago we mentioned the Pop-Up Gallery at 9-11 Chambers Street. I just wanted to share will all of you the turn out of the event. Curator, Jackie Skrzynski told me a little bit about how things went.

“Many people want to see this continue, particularly in Newburgh. Me too! The turn out was amazing. We had close to 200 people through the afternoon and extended the opening by an hour! I can’t tell you how many people said this was just what Newburgh needs. I’d love to do more, maybe an annual event that showcases the newly arrived and other well-known among us.”

Just in case there are any other artistic minded people looking to bring something like this to Newburgh, here is a prime example of a need and a desire to bring the art scene to Newburgh. You can read up more on the Pop-Up Gallery by looking at their blog. I am particularly loving the curator’s statement:

“PUG Projects had its first exhibition almost six years ago across from the Yellow Bird Gallery on Front Street. Now many more artists have relocated here from high rent areas south and east of us. Still, Orange County, particularly Newburgh, struggles to meet “critical mass,” not yet attracting the broad support for artists that our neighbors enjoy. It is coming, and Newburgh certainly has the empty buildings and easy ferry access to attract it. PUG Projects intends to encourage the trend. By staging exhibits in unrented or transitional spaces, it draws artists and art lovers to potential galleries and studios. By exhibiting artwork that is concerned less with commercial viability than in making us think, PUG Projects brings attention to the diversity of art being made right here in Orange County.”

Amazing Gallery Space, ©Pop-Up Gallery