Renewing Newburgh

Habitat for Humanity has featured a great article on Newburgh in their Field Notes section called “Renewing Newburgh“. Here are some points of the article that I enjoyed the most. Referring to minor miracles the article mentions,

“young couples looking to own began buying houses on the block and redoing them, finding encouragement in the efforts of the Habitat volunteers. One couple, Glenn recalls, fell through the floor of the house they were considering buying. But just next door, Habitat volunteers were hard at work and seeing their successes convinced the couple to take a chance. House by house, things began to get better.”

Another interesting point is that nearly $8.3 million has been added to local tax rolls through Habitat. Even though at the time this article was written, Habitat had 10 projects underway. The article mentions they still have their eyes set on some buildings. Some of which I’m sure many of you have passed by many times.

For more positive Newburgh news check out this link.