Before and After: 23 South Miller

23_25 Miller Newburgh 6_07 006

This is another “Before and After” post that comes via Thruway Builders who also provided the photos. They own both 23 and 25 South Miller, but only 23 is completed. As you can see from the photo above, the building was pretty nasty. The paint was peeling, the cornice was rusty, the graffiti was horrible, and this was just a depressing eyesore on the block. The whole project just seems scary-especially because there was a tree growing in the middle of the 2 buildings! Take a look at some more photos of the damage below:

23_25 Miller Newburgh 6_07 009

23_25 Miller Newburgh 6_07 017

23_25 Miller Newburgh 6_07 030

The after photos show an entirely different building! All of the brick was cleaned and restored. The cornice is now in place with out any rusted holes and the tree was removed. The interior was entirely gutted and rehabbed, so everything is new. You really come to appreciate how beautiful this home was meant to be. 23 Miller is for sale and is a fully rented property. 25 Miller has also seen some huge improvements, but the builder would like to rehab that building in a joint venture partnership.  See below for more interior shots of 23 Miller. Click on any photo to enlarge

23 S Miller Sept 08 007

23 south miller st 12_2008 002

23 south miller st 12_2008 006

23 south miller st 12_2008 017

23 S Miller 11_09 005

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