Brush with Kindness

Habitat for Humanity of Newburgh has secured some funds for a new project that is called Brush with Kindness. It serves low-income homeowners who struggle to maintain the exterior of their homes and provides minimal repairs including painting and weatherization.  Apparently $50,000 [PDF] have been secured through a grant from the city’s Consolidated Housing and Community Development Action Plan and Community Development Block Grant.

According to a THR article, “one of the organization’s goals is to use its projects as the catalyst to encourage whole neighborhoods to come back.” This is great news. Sometimes homes might need a new porch or a new roof and homeowners might not have the resources to make these repairs. This program will help those in need and hopefully inspire others to take pride in their own homes and start repairs that will eventually beautify an entire block or neighborhood in Newburgh.

**Sorry that job posting for the store manager for the ReStore was outdated. If there are future openings at Habitat I will be sure to share them after they have been passed on to me through Habitat Newburgh directly.

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  • Hello Cher. I own and restored 276 Liberty Street. Your site is very informative. Congratulations on your 2nd anniversary . Sorry it took me 2 years to discover.
    Thank you for bringing out the positive elements that so many people in this city never seem to realize.
    I would like to meet you in person. Please contact me.
    Keep up the good work….. John Miller

  • The funding for this project is proposed to be cut because of a reduction in our CDBG funding. However, the administrative costs have not been proposed to be cut. I believe that we could cut those administrative costs enough to provide for this Habitats-serviced project. It would be an utter shame to lose such a valuable program to un-earned salaries.
    Public comments accepted on this until July 20, 2011. See and scroll down to the bottom of CDBG Five Year Consolidated Plan 2010-2014 and FY 2010 Annual Action Plan for the pdf.