Newburgh Panorama Mural

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The Newburgh Panorama Mural is a representation of the pride of Newburgh in it’s glory days. One look at this painting and you can see why. The mural was painted by Albert Nemethy in 1950 and was commissioned by Abram and Eva Levinson, owners of the former Hotel Newburgh. They had it commissioned especially for the Green Room to show case Newburgh architecture. The mural is still in the Green Room if you would like to view it for yourself.

With the hotel going in a steep decline in the 1970’s, it was saved by the Newburgh Historical Society and moved to a bank. In 1996 it was moved to Stewart Airport where it stayed until 2006 when the Green Room was restored by Safe Harbors of the Hudson (the organization that presides over the Green Room and Ritz Theater) and had a grand opening at their gala. I love looking at this painting as it shows parts of a Newburgh that many of us never got to see.

There are over 20 individual Newburgh scenes painted in this mural. It is a rather large painting, so I took pictures of each individual scene. Some of the places are long gone now and some still exist. If you remember any of the vanished places, feel free to comment on what we see in the scene. Thank you Safe Harbors for letting me come in and share the mural!

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  • I understand that the mural is currently in place somewhere in Stewart International Airport, having been given by the Levinson family first, to the Highland National Bank in Newburgh. Having left Newburgh the year before it was installed in the Hotel Newburgh, I’ve never seen it in person, which makes it important (to me) that it has been posted here in detail.

  • Hi Bob. The mural is now located in the Green Room underneath the Ritz Theater, which is where this was photographed.