Newburgh Audio Tour

Kimball Building, now run by Habitat for Humanity

What’s better than looking at old photos of old Newburgh that conjure up memories? Listening to Newburghers tell stories about their memories. That is exactly the mission of the Sound and Story Project of the Hudson Valley. This audio tour allows you to experience the memories of present and vanished Newburgh treasures. One of my favorites was Frederica Warner’s story of living at 51 Ann Street which was part of the Newburgh waterfront that was demolished. They had a “classy house” “that was just gorgeous” with white marble fireplaces, sliding doors, antiques, 2 living rooms, and large door knobs. She then talks about what urban renewal did to downtown Newburgh. “They tore down and didn’t put back.” I also loved Warren Boyd’s story about the Palatine Hotel which was also demolished.

I can’t quite describe the feelings that listening to these stories evokes. Just listen for yourself to see. What is even better is that if you are an old time Newburgher who has stories to share about different Newburgh treasures, past or present, you too can share your memories. Memories of the Academy Theater, Woolworths, Fanny Farmer, the City Club, or any other place you remember from long ago can be revived through your story. Click here to start the process of sharing your own audio memory of Newburgh.

Map of Sound & Story Locations in Newburgh

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