Newburgh Brewing Company

News of the Newburgh Brewing Company has been brewing for some time (couldn’t resist the pun). After a recent feature article in the THR it seems the cat is out of the bag. Apparently the proprietors have just closed on the building at 88 Colden Street, which used to be an old paper box factory. Newburgh beer might be available as soon as the end of 2011.
As mentioned in the last zoning board notes available on the internet from November 2010, “Three floors will be used for the brewing process and the fourth will be used for as a tasting and private reception area in the future.” There are plans to possibly serve food on the fourth floor which boasts river views. The building is on the South Side of Colden Street which is a quieter section of the Newburgh waterfront but, it is also across from Washington’s Headquarters which is one of Newburgh’s main attractions. Their logo with the purple heart pays tribute to General Washington’s history in Newburgh and the first purple heart ever awarded at the Headquarters in 1782.
Christopher Basso who is one of the partners in the project, is well known in Williamsburg, Brooklyn for his beer making abilities as mentioned in the THR. William Hauser, who is the engineer for the brewery mentioned that everyone he knows is excited about the Newburgh Brewery. One would guess that very shortly any vacant space on the Newburgh waterfront will be a thing of the past. The Hudson River Renaissance is really taking shape and more and more people are coming to appreciate the Hudson River as a desirable place to live and conduct business. My, how things have changed in the past decade. Here’s to hoping that the rest of Newburgh can catch on soon!

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