Before and After: 6 Federal Street

On February 28th, Habitat for Humanity dedicated their most recent project, 6 Federal. This home was part of a program called Newburgh Youth Build that helped 6 students earn a GED and impart skills needed to obtain future employment in the trades. Once an abandoned shell, 6 Federal will now be 3 transitional housing units for very low-income families in need of safe, decent homes. For more pictures on the amazing progress of the project click on Habitat’s Facebook page. Or, click here or here.

To date, Habitat Newburgh has built 43 safe, decent and affordable houses in Newburgh. Over 225 children and adults now call these houses home, and the homes in the City of Newburgh’s assessed property values have increased by over $8.3 million.

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  • When I was a kid, growing up in Newburgh, Federal St. and Amity St. were called “the gut”, because of how they twisted around.

  • Habitat for Humanity is really changing that area around. Take a look around, especially on E. Parmenter. It has a new feel.

  • I’ve always thought that area back there has great potential. There are a couple of gems on Spring St as well that we’re excited to see rehabbed.

    (Darrin, I’ll definitely call it “the gut” from now on — love it!)

  • Habitat has their eyes on a few buildings in the immediate area. Habitat Newburgh was recently featured in the national Habitat magazine/website and said that they have their eyes on the following, “a burned-out shell of a house sitting next to a historic church, a dilapidated and abandoned wooden structure that’s collapsing in on itself, and a short run of rowhouses that are boarded up but still appear partially inhabited.”

    If you know “the gut” well, you’ll know what houses they are referring to.