Schoolhouse Rock Live!

Recently, Heritage Middle School Drama Club students performed Schoolhouse Rock Live! Jr. in the cafetorium for family members, teachers and fellow students. Led by Heritage Middle School Music Teacher and Director Allison Hightower, the cast brought guests along a musical journey through the eyes of a teacher.

According to Hightower, the 25 student-cast began rehearsing for the musical in November. The following students make up the cast of Heritage Middle School’s Schoolhouse Rock Live! Jr. : Joey Alberts, Mariah Ashley, Camille Cappello, Samara Clark, Rachel Fendt, Aaron Ford, Micah Houghtalin, Maurice James, Nia Johnson, Olivia McCartney, Shannon Moran, Sarah Park, Margarett Reid, Alexandra Rosario, Bridget Ruggiero, Deirdre Ryan, Amy Sandoval, Gabrielle Scott, Mayella Valdez, and Erika VanWagner.