Signage: Newburgh Paperbox Factory

The Newburgh Brewery will be soon moving into their new building, the old Newburgh Paperbox Factory at 88 Colden Street. The factory was started in 1883 and the building survived the demolition of the majority of Newburgh’s waterfront during the early 1970’s. Today, all that remains of the paperbox factory from the streets view is the old signage that is disappearing.

Do you think the Newburgh Brewery will leave up these signs from Newburgh’s industrial past? It would be great to see them saved or incorporated in some way.

There are lots of interesting old doors and entrances that can be seen from the exterior.

It’s so awesome how this once scary abandoned building is soon going to have new life in it and be turned into reusable space. We’ll keep you updated on the progress.

Check out the Brewery’s Facebook fan page or twitter feed to stay in the know.

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  • If anyone from the Newburgh Brewing Company is reading this (hi there!) consider this comment a vote from one of your neighbors to leave the painted signage on the building as you renovate. If you feel like the white paint is too stark and prominent, you can always erode the paint partially so it looks a bit more worn.

    Also, those old steel windows are amazing, and I hope you can save them! (And those great double doors, too!)

    We’re excited to see you come to the neighborhood. Welcome!

  • It would be wonderful if they kept the old painted signage.

  • I much agree! I hope they leave the signs and find some way to use the old doors and windows.

  • Ghost signs which is what these are considered are protected under the Historic district guidelines. It is very hard to protect them as they are exposed to weather, etc.

  • Yes I forgot to mention that the Brewery told me the following in an email, “yes, we are planning on leaving those signs up – we love the aesthetic, and we want to preserve the building as much as possible.”

    So they are there to stay!