Newburgh’s Potential

Newburgh RenaissanceI often try to stay away from anything promising the Newburgh renaissance. But, recently I came across this little blog posting written by realtor Brett Young that really caught my eye. He sums up 5 reasons why Newburgh is a great choice, and in essence, those 5 reasons describe why Newburgh will eventually change. It’s only a matter of time before others start to put the pieces of the puzzle together too.

First: Newburgh is a Great Commuter Location

One needs only to take a short drive across the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge or jump on a ferry from Newburgh across the Hudson to hop on a Metro-North train to Manhattan. In addition, one could access many of the other cities in the Hudson Valley or commute downstate on I-84 or I-87.

Second: Stewart Airport

Stewart Airport provides a great alternative to the New York City airports and caters to business travelers. It is the Hudson Valley’s only International Airport.

Third: Waterfront Revival

The Newburgh waterfront on the Hudson River is undergoing a revival. Restaurants and mixed use complexes are re-appearing on the waterfront. It’s just a matter of time before gentrification occurs and begins to spread to other areas of the city.

Fourth: Variety of Housing Stock

There is a good mix of every type of home and architecture in Newburgh. There are historic Newburgh NY homes going back to Revolutionary War times, Victorians, craftsman homes, condos, townhouses, new construction and even farmhouses on the outskirts.

Fifth: The Hudson River

The Hudson River provides excellent recreational activities such as sailing and boating. In addition, residents can enjoy tremendous Hudson River views from many parts of the city and surrounding areas.

These five attributes certainly make Newburgh an attractive choice with a lot of potential.”

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