Sustainable Roofing: Living/Green Roofs, Cool Roofs

Mark your calendars for this presentation on sustainable roofing. Location:

Orange County
Wednesday, April 6th, 6-8 PM
John’s Harvest Inn
17M, Middletown, NY

Much of conventional roofing represents a wasted opportunity to reduce energy costs, improve building performance and durability, create usable habitat for flora and fauna, improve biodiversity, increase the performance of installed photovoltaic systems, mitigate combined sewer overflow (CSO) events, reduce waste stream pollution, lessen urban heat island effects (UHIE) and make the “view from the top” a much prettier place.  Our experts on sustainable roofing will talk about proven roofing alternatives that can do all these things, turning underutilized dark roof surfaces into acres of better space for the environment, for occupants, and for owners. Participants will gain a strong understanding of innovative roofing technologies such as cool roofs, photovoltaic roofing, vegetative roof systems, recyclable roofing, and roofing materials manufactured with post-consumer recycled content and low VOC roofing options. You can register for the lecture on their website.



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