Neighbors Take Restoring Newburgh into Their Own Hands

Raising the Heights, one step at a time…Neighborhoods are often distinguished by their collections of houses or particular locations and features. Beyond the housing stock, however, is another defining element, probably more important than the houses themselves: the people living in the neighborhood.

In the Washington Heights neighborhood, the City of Newburgh is fortunate to have a wonderfully diverse, committed community of people who are taking forthright action to help restore their neighborhood so that, once again, the Heights becomes a desirable part of the city with a satisfying quality of life.

One example of a good thing happening is 17 Courtney Ave. Here, you will find a turn of the century house that has retained many of its beautiful period features.  It had been abandoned after having been turned into multiunit housing and had deteriorated badly.

Deciding to make an example of this rundown beauty, three neighboring families living in the Heights got together and created a plan. First, they formed a corporation called Renewburgh Heights, pooled their resources and bought the property. Now they are in the process of renovating it, doing some of the work themselves as well as employing local companies for the more complicated plumbing, electrical and tiling jobs.

The intention is to sell the newly restored single home to a buyer who contributes to the neighborhood by living in and making Newburgh a safer, cleaner, friendlier, and more beautiful place to live.

Ultimately, 17 Courtney will serve as a catalyst for further purchases and perhaps inspire others to follow in repairing Newburgh street by street and step by step..and be part of the slow growth movement: one house, one block at a time.

If the idea of becoming part of a great neighborhood, in a great house, at a great price, is appealing, then stop by to see 17 Courtney, which is expected to be ready by May. Renewburgh Heights chose Chris Hanson-845-430-8380- to represent the sale of the home, because not only will you get a realtor who can fill you in on all the best Newburgh has to offer, he’ll be one of your neighbors, too!