Record Breaking Month for Newburgh Restoration

March was quite an exciting month for the blog, so I couldn’t help but share. Thanks to everyone’s interest in Newburgh’s revitalization, the blog has seen triple the traffic than it saw last March of 2010. On my end I have been making the necessary changes to ensure that positive news about Newburgh  gets out. Don’t forget to do your part by liking us on Facebook, following on Twitter, signing up for email updates, and just sharing the news with friends and family. The joint effort shows through the countless emails I receive from those of you looking for more information on buying your dream home or looking to be a part of Newburgh’s revitalization.

If you’d like to hitch a ride with the increase of visitors on the blog, feel free to check out my reasonable advertising rates. I can’t wait to see what March 2012 brings!

One Comment

  • Say, that is impressive — congratulations!! Your success could have something to do with the greatly increased number of postings lately, as well as the tight focus of your blog (I could take a lesson?!) Keep up the good work!