Real Estate: 146 Third Street

In 2008

A while ago I posted a different picture of this home on Facebook, trying to figure out where on earth it was located. Chris Hanson came through and figured out it was at 146 Third Street. You can make what you want of the zestimate price of what might be an outdated listing, but it looks like it has been uninhabited for some time, and subject to some vandalism since the above photo was taken in 2008.

In 2001

There are no further pictures of the inside of the home except for a really bad one that shows graffiti and dropped ceilings. However, the details of this home make it my new favorite one! The original porch and front door are in tact. It is also a large home according to the listing, with 6 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. There’s also a detached garage somewhere, which might be along what appears to be a driveway on the left side of the house. That is a huge plus for city living. I also found an original picture of the corner of this home from another post a few months back of 144 Third Street. The library might have a better photo. Diagonal from this home is St. Luke’s Cornwall Hospital. You can tell from the original photo this was a grand residence in its day. I hope I can come back and take a picture of it in a restored state.

Newburgh Free Library

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  • I emailed you guys in may of 2011 and received no response. If you would like more information on this home I have a history on it for the last 7 years including the interior. Fully restored 146 Third st. would be an amazing home.

    • Hi,

      I wrote you back and said that if you would like to email me photos or any details of the home, I’d love to post them. Offer still stands. I too would love to see the house restored.