Real Estate: 208 Montgomery Street

Built in 1850, this home at 208 Montgomery Street is a beauty. Listing agent Chris Hanson, mentioned the following regarding the property, “It is one of only a few Downing/Vaux houses in existence.  It was built in 1850 – while Downing was partnered with Calvert Vaux – but just before Withers joined their firm – and shortly before Downing died on the Henry Clay (ship).  Most of the houses we associate with Downing are actually Vaux/Withers houses – who Downing was responsible for bringing to Newburgh.”

There are a lot of original details and the photos give a glimpse of some of them. There are 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, and 4 fireplaces plus a wood burning one in the kitchen. 208 Montgomery is just an example of the architectural treasures that Newburgh holds. Click here to see more Newburgh NY Real Estate.