Rescue Me

I love the round porch and entry way of this home in Newburgh. It’s been beat up and seen it’s fair share of neglect as the ‘warrior’ graffiti ironically points out. The upper floor looks like it has aluminum siding in place, and the stone work on the porch might soon be unsalvageable if not taken cafe of. Maybe one day it can be restored to its former beauty.

Newburgh is New York State’s second largest historic district after NYC. Newburgh literally has hundreds of dilapidated and abandoned buildings just begging for someone to come scoop them up and restore them. I’ll continue to post my own photos, but if you have a particular building you would like to see saved, email me the photo of any building you appreciate that you would like to see rescued!

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  • I think I’ve seen this house before but don’t remember where it it. Do you know if it is listed for sale or a city owned property? love your site:) I’m a big Newburgh fan hoping to get a house there one day.

  • I love the front porch of this home! It is amazing!
    Have a great week!