Rescue Me: Buildings on Williams Street

63 Williams Street

Williams Street in Newburgh used to be a thriving shopping district along side Broadway, Liberty Street, Water Street, and Front Street, Colden. Today, all is left of the Willams Street shopping district is the memory of butchers, and bakers, and all the other quaint little shops that used to exist. Williams still even retains the original brick road. There are a lot of abandoned buildings on the street that need rescuing. It would be wonderful to have a fully developed commercial district along Williams. Most large cities have various commercial districts and Newburgh was no different. There is still the possibility to make that a reality in Newburgh. Here are pictures of more abandoned commercial buildings on Williams Street and the surrounding area.

These buildings were recently sold at the Newburgh auction to various buyers. It would’ve been great to have one vision and purpose for all of these buildings. Let’s see what development comes about in the future.

One Comment

  • I want to buy a few of these buildings and restore the town to it’s former glory as a shopping magnum. before making any investment I will need all info on all lots and buildings.