Hip Upstate Realty Blog: Upstater

Recently on my blog roll from Brownstoner, I found this hip upstate realty blog called Upstater. Their hook line is “life and real estate North of New York City.” I can’t wait to see how they grow. This past Saturday they featured Newburgh Restoration on their site. They mentioned that Newburgh is part of the “urban Upstate New York real estate market” and that it is “rich in possibilities, as well as relatively easy access to NYC—often at really low prices.”

This site excites me because it has the same mission of Newburgh Restoration. It was started by two Brooklynites priced out of their swanky neighborhood who then began to gawk and dream of upstate real estate. Just like this blog that looks to educate people on the hidden treasures that lay in Newburgh, Upstater aims at teach you about living, renting, and buying upstate real estate. They are covering a vast space. They certainly have their work cut out for them!