Newburgh Brewery Raw Before Construction

Yesterday, I had to chance to tour the Newburgh Brewery (check out revamped website, love their beer belly twitter bird!) in the raw condition that it is currently in. I was advised to try and make it soon since construction will begin shortly. The building is huge and although the entire buildings potential won’t be used at first, it gives the Newburgh Brewery an opportunity most breweries don’t have, which is room to grow.

The brewery has four levels. The first level, which is the bottom level, goes straight in to the bedrock. This causes the room to be cool and dark. Eventually tall tanks and equipment will be brought in that will extend up into the second level, requiring some of the ceiling to be removed.

When you get to the second level, you start to get a sense of the size of the building. Still the bedrock continues up on the right side. Where it ends is where the street level begins on Colden Street. Some of this floor will be removed to accomadate the tanks that will be brought in on the first level.

Here’s some quirky ad and newspaper clippings on the second floor.

Believe it or not, the third floor is the actual entrance from Colden Street. This entrance here will eventually be a lobby and merchandise room. The actual tasting room will be on the fourth floor. You will be able to get there by stairs or an elevator at the entrance that will bring you up. I can’t wait to see how this transforms. The third floor is full of details from an industrial manufacturing past. See more details below.

Elevator Lift

Third floor facing North

Third floor facing South

Once the elevator takes you up, you will arrive via this entrance to the fourth floor. For now there is just a shaky staircase that will be replaced.

The fourth floor is huge, and the high ceilings enhance that affect. There are windows all around that will give you views of the Hudson River and Washington’s Headquarters. The plan is to have tables for sit down tasting as well as tables for those who want to stand. The wall facing the river will have a ledge for those who want to look out at the river. That view will be amazing in the Fall.

The fourth floor is also full of quirky spaces that you would expect to find in a warehouse like writing on walls, messages, stamps, and old signs. Although the owners at the brewery want to keep as much of the original aesthetic as possible, chances are most of these things will be gone once construction begins.

I guess some of the people who used to work here were from Puerto Rico. There are Spanish writings on the wall, and stamps that say “Pu(e)rto Rico” and “Marta”. Click on the photo to read the writing, which talks about someone only working at this location for three months and the luck of the poor guy. Seeing these things makes you wonder about the stories of the people who used to work here.

Removable floor

4th Floor Facing South

4th Floor Facing North

As you can see from the pictures there is a lot of work left to do. Construction is to begin in the up and coming weeks and the brewery could be ready as soon as November or December. I can’t wait to come back and take a look at all the changes that will be made. The owners have lots of ideas and plans about their own business and about the revitalization of Newburgh.