Newburgh Real Estate: 365 3rd Street

This colonial home facing Colonial Terraces is my new favorite home! Listed for $122,500 this is a whole lot of house for a good price, but in need of some work. Despite that, there are some great bones to work with. I love the sun room and deck that flank the home on both ends. There is a fireplace, built-ins, french doors, and a nice foyer. A massive 8 car garage also comes along with the house. I wonder what the original owners did with so much storage space? Either way this would be perfect for a growing family looking to put their own mark on this home. See the listing for more photos and check out more Newburgh real estate.

2 Comment

  • Cher – it is one of my faves too. I live in fear of someone buying it an breaking it up into apartments.
    It is a corner lot and has lots of yard space.
    Those garages could be rented out.
    I hope someone buys it as a family home, it would be lovely.

  • it’s really lovely, great pics in the snow